Overview of plotter and printers supported by GRAFIS

All printers and plotter with Windows drivers can be used with GRAFIS. Notes on installation and setup for these devices can be obtained from the printer/plotter manuals.

Furthermore, the following plotter are supported, directly:

  • all pen plotter from Hewlett-Packard  as well as all ink jet printers (like HP DesignJet-series), that are equipped with HP/GL-2 interface
  • TKT Brainpower
  • Algotex-Plotter (Projet, Classicjet, Streamjet, Windjet, Wavejet, Powerjet, Go, Line, Tune)
  • GammaTech-Plotter (Flyjet, Superjet)
  • most Wild-Plotter (z.B. TA10, TA30, TA40, TA400, TA500), if using HP-GL
  • Zünd-Plotter and -Cutter
  • Summa-Cutter (esp. S-Series; Dual Head)
  • Graphtec-Plotter and -Cutter
  • Gerber-Plotter AP300-Series and AP700 (with special software), as well as Gerber Infinity II
  • Mutoh-Plotter (XP, XPC, AC, Kona, and Draftstation RJ900-Serie)
  • DM/PL-compatible plotter, such as plotter by Ioline (e.g. Ioline Summit 2200) and Houston-Instruments Plotter (with DM/PL)

If your device is not listed you should obtain the following information:

  • Are Windows drivers available for the plotter/printer?
    If yes, it should be installed as a Windows printer.
  • Is the plotter HPGL compatible (can it process HPGL language)?
    If yes, the plotter can be controlled as an HPGL plotter.
  • Is the plotter compatible with any of the devices listed above?
    If yes, it can possibly be controlled with the relevant driver file.


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