New in GRAFIS 24

Revision of the interactive Grafis upper constructions

The upper part constructions are now even more flexible, more expressive and more transparent in their settings.
The adjustment options and functionality within the basic constructions have been standardized and the upper limits for the allowances have been dissolved.


New features in GRAFIS 24 can be found here in detail.


New in GRAFIS 23

Easily correct wrong decisions

A line is a line. You no longer have to decide on a construction type. The new universal tools allow for a type change at any stage of style development.

The preview function enables you to see the effects on your style in real time. View directly in the interactive environment how changes affect a subsequent protocol step or daughter part.

Permanent connections in a style belong to the past. Inheriting not only enables the selection of objects in a frame and reattaching them with a single click, but also converts existing styles, allowing to set up modules that were not prepared as such.

Have you forgotten objects when transforming? In numerous functions you can submit objects interactively when it was actually already too late.

With the interactive transformations, you always keep an overview when moving, rotating and mirroring. Connections are clearly visible and with Retransformation, previously used transformations can be repeated or undone.

Easy to handle

Submenus and windows flying around are a thing of the past. All functions are easy to find thanks to a rearrangement and switching functions is not only intuitive, but also speeds up the workflow immensely.

Requested by many customers: The Record history is now visible. All steps in the style structure are transparent and can be traced both textually and visually at any time - and this in every single size.

All basic blocks can be retrieved from the Library. The allocation of favourites, hiding mirrored constructions and a search function make it easier to select the required construction. Plus, it can be left visible and thus be accessed more quickly.

The many options make GRAFIS tremendously flexible. For a better overview and faster handling in future, all option settings feature a new image, description and category.

Find what you need even faster! New search functions in the measurement charts, XGZ entries as well as in X- and Z-values simplify your working.

Don't stress yourself with positioning the photo corners anymore. The preview images of the list of interactive constructions are now vector-based and the pick points, basic direction as well as the line construction are now displayed clearly. In addition, you can choose to redo individual picks.

Instead of the textbook, the online help now assists with explanations, step-by-step instructions and a multitude of videos. An additional search function simplifies finding all relevant topics quickly.

Interactivity where it is needed

All tools for which you would want to change settings afterwards are now interactive. These include, for instance, all transformation types, spread and relocate darts.

The new drape and shape tool allows for pattern manipulation that extends far beyond the spread functions - even in mother parts.

Sleeves can now be linked without preparation with only one click.

All pocket styles have been revamped and leave nothing to be desired.

Modern look

The dark-mode gives GRAFIS a modern look and is easy on the eyes. Still prefer a white background? In that case, you can continue to use it with the light-mode.