Pattern on Demand

End-to-end solution for manufacturers and suppliers of individualized customized apparel

New Business Models

The apparel industry needs new business models because most textiles produced are never worn. These new business models are Fashion on Demand, Production on Demand, Print on Demand and Mass-Customization.

pod - Pattern on Demand is the digital and scalable platform to successfully implement exactly such business models together with the CAD software GRAFIS.


With the configurator developed by Gertsch Consulting und Mode Vision , you can offer your B2B and/or B2C customers a new shopping experience. This configurator is available as a plugin for WordPress/WooCommerce shops. A plugin for Shopify shops is in planning. A custom integration can also be done directly via our API interface.

This way, your customers can act as co-designers and customize their product in terms of fabric, model variants and accessories. In doing so, you determine the design scope you want to offer the customers.

Body measurements can be determined via the connection of Body Scan Apps - in order to produce the product in the truest sense of the word tailor-made.


The core task of the platform is the fast and, above all, fully automatic processing of web shop custom
orders. The creation of the patterns or markers for the cutting room takes place in the CAD software
GRAFIS, which shows its special strengths especially in the production of made-to-measure cuts and in made-to-Mmeasure clothing. You can now determine whether you want to create one marker for each order - or whether you want to combine the orders of a certain period and with the same fabric into one marker. The control of the models by body measurements and parameters as well as the initiation of automated processes from the outside is carried out by pod – Pattern on Demand. Enjoy the security of knowing that your made-to-measure orders will be processed reliably!


The platform also accompanies your orders through production so that you and if necessary, your customer, are always informed. Because production papers and production tracking are further functionalities of the software. In addition, all order data can be made accessible to your ERP software with the achieved material consumption.


With the new release we offer you a lot of new functions and possibilities:

  • Integration of body shape determination.
  • Product data function for individual mass business according to sizes.
  • Integration of themes and new icons; thus the display in dark/light mode is also selectable.
  • In the course of the DSGVO, data anonymization and data deletion are now also possible.
  • Integration of a further best-fit calculation and now individually adjustable at the level of each measurement table.
  • Integration of DeepL, the AI-based translation service.

Your advantages

  • Supports sustainable business models
  • Supports mass customizing
  • Production and fashion "on demand
  • Emotional connection of your customer as co-designer to your brand and company (customer experience)
  • Fast and secure processing of individualized made-to-measure orders
  • Knowledge and cutting sovereignty remain in your company
  • Saving of time and material
  • Reproducibility of orders
  • Easy to use
  • Multilingual, configurable and scalable
  • Ready for use

In summary, pod - Pattern on Demand is an innovative and sustainable solution for garment manufacturing. It offers a number of benefits for customers, manufacturers and the environment.

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