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The prerequisite for the following licence model is that the user is the legal owner of the listed previous version and that the user agrees to the cancellation of the software licence agreement for his previous version of GRAFIS CAD with effect from the date of conclusion of the new licence agreement. The License to use the prior version expires at the time the old software License Agreement is rescinded. In justified cases, the continued use of the previous version can be agreed for a limited period of time, as long as the current version and the prior version are not used simultaneously on one or several worksite computers.


In the first two years the license is rented. During this time you will receive new and further developments. Following the rental period, you can continue to use the product as a free loan for a further three years and have unrestricted access to your styles. During the loan period, the product will not be updated.
Until the expiry of the rental period, the rent can be repeatedly extended by one year. The expiration of the loan is postponed accordingly by one year. No extension is possible during the loan period.

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OnDemand upgrade training is active for two months with activation.
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