ProfileFitPattern 2.0 is here!

The new PFP version 2.0 is available since 17th May 2021. It features automated processes and additional functions that speed up your work process.

One-in-all product

The PFP 2.0 combines the two products PFP Photo and PFP Suite. Digitizing pattern pieces and contactless measuring based on digital photos is now available as a one-in-all product.

More speed

The new version speeds up your work flow by automised processes and additional functions.

A special highlight is the automatic contour capturing of photographed pattern pieces an body silhouttes. It replaces digitizing the pattern pieces in GRAFIS CAD and enables the semi-automatic measuring with the interactive profile.

You can import and edit the captured pattern piece and profile contours together with the photos in GRAFIS CAD.

Better user experience

Enjoy the new interface and usability of the PFP Photo editing program. It now allows you to work in a more structured and intuitive way.


Manual positioning of the profile images in GRAFIS CAD is no longer necessary. The matching of the front and side contour now already takes place automatically during import.

More body measurements

Additional body measurements have been added to the interactive Profile 20. You can now also take cup measurements for women's underwear and other circumference measurements on arms and legs.

Quicker results

The interactive profile 10 has been replaced by profile 20.

Profile 20 includes a new time-saving functionality that allows you to quickly adjust the profile to the imported profile contours semi-automatically.