English Online Training

From 20.09.2021 till 08.10.2021 we offer an English online training.
On 12 days you will learn the basics of Grafis CAD patternmaking.
About 30 hours of moderated instructions plus additional self-study will prepare you to work with GRAFIS professionally.

Register here or via mail to

ProfileFitPattern 2.0

The new PFP version 2.0 features automated processes and additional functions that speed up your work process.
A special highlight is the automatic contour capture of photographed pattern pieces and body silhouettes.  It replaces the digitizing of the pattern pieces in GRAFIS CAD and allows a semi-automatic measurement acquisition with the interactive profile.

Online help

You want to use the lockdown to learn GRAFIS? We support you with the GRAFIS online help. The integrated search function makes it easier to research topics. Also our numerous tutorials have been integrated and the documentations for the interactive constructions are included. The result is a help, which eases the start in GRAFIS and supports the search for problem solutions.