GRAFIS Marker making

Save your material

Material calculation and effective use of materials are critical factors in the economic success of your products. The stand-alone marker making programme included in GRAFIS CAD assists you in this. It offers you an uncomplicated transition from pattern construction to laying out your pattern pieces for cutting. The marker also helps you enormously in the pre-calculation of your material planning. Obviously, you have the possibility to use pieces from different styles when generating the marker to ensure even greater material savings.

The marker making programme offers a multitude of adjustment possibilities for material, pieces and sizes. Apart from the usual functions for butting pieces together including settings for rotation, flip and buffers, GRAFIS offers you functions for special requirements. These include repeat points for laying out on patterned material, use of template markers, automatic generation of fusing blocks, consideration of material flaws and shrinkage. Special marker options such as folded lays or tubular material are equally supported.

Your advantages

  • Markers for cutting
  • Pre-calculation of materials
  • Comprehensive adjustment possibilities for specific requirements