Texprocess 2019

Micro factories – under this motto international companies of the apparel industry presented themselves at this year’s Texprocess in Frankfurt. As one of the main aspects of this year’s fair, the factories showed integrated manufacturing processes and complete workflows.
This year, we were no alone either but presented the World of Digital Fashion together with five other companies. Companies from the fields of visualization (Browzwear, Tronog), CAD construction system (Grafis), automated body measurement determination (Fision) as well as cutting (Bullmer)- and process optimization (Gertsch Consulting) were represented in this world.

Get Your Kimono Here. Co-designing one’s own made-to-measure kimono and taking it home.
We presented the possibilities of integrating and combining our products into different workflows and focused on the resulting benefits for the customization of apparel and fashion. Our visitors had the chance to put together their individual kimono style and to insert their own body measurements. Those individual measurements were integrated directly into the chosen style. Automatic cutter control and the production were also part of the workflow, so every visitor could take home his kimono in the end.

The demand for modularity and the connection to other systems increases every time. Customers don’t want to be dependent on one system but to create the base of their workflow from modular products. The visitors of our booth had the chance to experience this modularity right there. Besides the flexibility of our 2D construction system, they had the chance to see and try out the connection of GRAFIS to Browzwear’s Vstitcher and Pattern on Demand of our partner Gertsch Consulting and the interaction with Fision’s body scan app and Tronog’s visualization.

This fair has shown that the cooperation with other companies is getting more and more important. This was confirmed by the positive feedback we got during and after the fair and we came back from Frankfurt with new ideas and approaches. We say thank you to all visitors who have been part of the World of Digital Fashion and with whom we had again energizing and inspiring conversations.