ProfileFitPattern Photo

Digitize wherever you are

Transferring pattern pieces into a CAD system via a digitizer is tedious and frustrating. The result can only be evaluated after the digitizing process is finished which often leads to inaccuracies or untidy curve runs. The purchase of a digitizer tablet is expensive and requires a significant amount of space. Our ProfileFitPattern Photo programme provides the solution!

PFP Photo enables digitizing of paper patterns or sample pieces without a digitizer tablet. The pattern pieces are photographed with a digital camera, processed in the PFP Photo programme and then, digitized or reconstructed in GRAFIS CAD. With only one photo you can process a number of pattern pieces.

The digitized outcome matches the accuracy of measurements of a result digitized with a digitizer tablet. As the digitized curves can be compared directly on-screen with the original, the curve accuracy is significantly greater.

Grade rules for grading can be assigned to patterns available in the sample size only. If the graded nest is available, digitize the basic contour and the grade rules at the grade points directly. In both cases, the result is a gradeable grade rule pattern. A photo processed with PFP Photo can also simply be used as a photo template for adjusting interactive constructions.

Your advantages

  • No expensive digitizer table required
  • Space requirement for digitizer tablet omitted
  • Flexible and location-independent digitizing