installation and appearance

Questions about installation and appearance o GRAFIS

What can I do if the menu buttons are too big?

1. Set the button size for right menu bar in GRAFIS setup to 'mini' (GRAFIS restart necessary!).
2. Check your display resolution and set the size of texts and apps in the Windows settings to 100%.

If 1 and 2 do not lead to success, you can do the following:
3. Automatically hide taskbar via windows settings or use small taskbar buttons.
4. Hide status bar in GRAFIS via the  menu 'View'.


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Why GRAFIS cannot be installed in just any folder?

When users contact us with error messages or questions we can 'remote control' them relatively easily over the phone. The structure of the Grafis folders is fixed and we only need to know the drive of the GRAFIS installation. Furthermore, maintenance of the system is simplified for the administrators.

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Can you work with GRAFIS on a Macintosh?

GRAFIS is available for Windows only (Windows 7/8/10/11).

If you are using a Macintosh with Intel CPU, it is possible to install Windows (via bootcamp) on which you can use GRAFIS.

GRAFIS can be used without problems on a Windows system installed within a virtual machine  (such as VMware or Parallels).

M1-Macs can be used with the help of beta versions of Windows 10 or Windows 11 and the corresponding drivers for the dongle.

  • Parallels must be installed on the M1-Mac (probably at least V16.5).
  • in Parallels the preview version of Windows 10 for ARM CPUs must be installed (precursor of Windows 11 for ARM) / Windows 11
  • on this Windows the beta version of the dongle drivers must be installed with the Command-Line-Installer
  • the GRAFIS dongle must be a model of the last generation (driverless)

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Is GRAFIS also available for Linux?

Grafis is available for Windows only (Windows 7/8/10).

GRAFIS can be used without problems on a Windows system installed within a virtual machine  (such as VMware or Parallels).

The installation of GRAFIS in a Windows emulation is not recommended, as GRAFIS would run very slowly and problems with dongle recognition occur frequently.

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Run ability of style files from lower GRAFIS versions in higher version numbers

Individual styles or technical language programmes from older GRAFIS versions always run in newer GRAFIS versions. If it concerns styles from GRAFIS version 8 or lower with own measurement systems, adaptation must be carried out by us, what we take over as a rule with an Upgrade as a service free of charge.

Concerning the cooperation with other GRAFIS users is to be noted that styles fro newer GRAFIS versions basically cannot be opened in older versions.

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