Dongel probleme

Problems with the dongle

Which types of HASP HL are available?

HASP HL is available as USB dongle only. For network licences there is also a server module for USB port as well.

Last update on 08/07/2017 by Volker Friedrich.

Dongle not found after system reboot

On computers with "NVIDIA nForce4" chipset there are problems with the detection of the HASP dongle at the built in USB ports. After system restarts (reboot) the dongle is available anymore. The only possibilty to solve the problem is connecting the dongle to an external USB hub.

Last update on 08/07/2017 by Volker Friedrich.

There are many different terms with "HASP", which HASP dongle do I actually have?

Company Aladdin released the new USB dongle "HASP HL" as successor of the old dongle models "HASP 4" and "Hardlock". Later the "HASP HL" got new runtime and management software "HASP SRM". In our daily work we use "HASP SRM" also as a synonym for the current Aladdin HASP dongle and its drivers. From a technical point of view the dongle is still the same like the old HASP HL it just needs a new firmware.

After the company take-over of Aladdin by SafeNet there is a new re-branding of the dongle. It is now called "Sentinel HASP". It is technical identical to the "HASP SRM". With the current drivers for "Sentinel HASP" ("Sentinel HASP Runtime") all older versions of this dongle are still supported (even old USB version of "Hardlocks"). Since end of 2011 there is a new rename into "Sentinel LDK".

Last update on 01/08/2018 by Volker Friedrich.

HASP Dongle is flashing permanently and does not work anymore

If the dongle is flashing permanently probably a firmware update has failed.

With "Sentinel HASP Runtime" release from January 2010 on plugging a HASP dongle with firmware 3.21 the firmware automatically updated to version 3.25. The dongle starts to flash for around 30 seconds and in system tray symbols for new detected hardware and driver installation are shown.

If the key is unplugged during this time or the update gets disturbed otherwise (e.g. from starting or running a GRAFIS application or running in a virtual PC) the firmware update hangs and the dongle does not work anymore. If you plug it again it remains flashing all the time. Same situation will occur if you plug it to another system with older drivers (runtime).

If the key is plugged to a PC with current "Sentinel HASP Runtime", the firmware update starts again and completes the process.

1) If the dongle is in this stats (permanently flashing) install the current "Sentinel HASP Runtime" or (if already done) install it to a different PC and plug the key again. Wait until the process is completed.
2) To prevent the key to fall in this state do not unplug the dongle directly after you have plugged it and it started to flash. Wait until it stops flashing. Or if it does not stop flashing look into Admin Control Center -> Keys until you see an entry with "ID" "0" and "HASP Key version not supported".

Last update on 08/07/2017 by Volker Friedrich.

After an upgrade the the message "Error 0031: Feature not found" comes up.

The message "Error 0031: Feature not found" is shown when the dongle is not prepared for the use of GRAFIS. There might be an update for the dongle that has not yet been installed. Many customers need to update the GRAFIS dongle with the new driver software "HASP SRM" when installing the new version 11. Please refer to the invoice for the update to read our advices.

To solve this issue please read the invoice and in case please contact us. On our website you may also read the help page about "Conversion from HASP HL to SRM".
If GRAFIS V11 was completely installed, you may directly jump to step 2.

Last update on 08/07/2017 by Volker Friedrich.