Conversion of Grafis Hardlock from HASP HL to HASP SRM

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  • Conversion of Grafis Hardlock from HASP HL to HASP SRM


  • Conversion is only possible for the Hardlocks shown on the right.
  • The conversion can be done on the following operating systems only:
    • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
    • Windows Server 2003 or 2008
  • The Hardlock must be connected to the local PC. This is also applicable for server Hardlocks "HASP HL net".
  • After the conversion GRAFIS can be used on the above operating systems.

1. Install latest drivers

Install newest driver package:

Extract the file HASPUserSetup.exe and start it via double click. Follow the installation instructions.

Important: Administrative rights for the PC are needed to install the driver. If you do not have administrative rights an error message appears and the installation is aborted.

2. Check firmware version

Open "Admin Control Center" to check the firmware version of the Hardlock. The minimum version needed for the conversion is 3.21. If the Hardlock has the old firmware 2.16 it must first be updated (see following step 2.A).

2.A Firmware Update (only if neccessary)

Important: This firmware update can only be applied if you do not work on a virtual machine!

Download the current firmware for HASP HL:

Start the application "FirmwareUpdate.exe" contained in the ZIP file and click button "Apply Update". During the update, which can take a few minutes, the LED inside the Hardlock will start flashing. Please note that during the update, the Hardlock must not be removed, the program must not be cancelled and the PC must not be shut down. After the update has been successfully completed, please check the current firmware version again using "Admin Control Center".

3. Read out C2V file

Start the application HaspSRMTest.exe and click the button "Create C2V file". The newly created file has to be sent to your GRAFIS partner or directly to:

Via email you will receive an application that converts your GRAFIS license from HASP HL to HASP SRM.